Working in Hollywood – 1970s & 80s

Blondie 1977 – Hollywood Palladium

Debbie Harry of Blondie at the Hollywood Paladium – 1977

Shortly after I took this shot of Debbie Harry at a Punk Rock concert at the Hollywood Paladium, I was hired to work as the lighting assistant on the next Blondie album cover (Plastic Letters). Playboy centerfold photographer Phillip Dixon and I spent several weeks shooting the band, both in Los Angeles and New York.

Plastic Letters – Blondie – 1977

This is the Blondie album cover that I worked on in 1977. Phillip Dixon and I were hired by Chrysalis Records, through Playboy Studio West, to produce a more glamorous image for Debbie Harry, but the group kept fighting the idea, looking for a more edgy shot in keeping with their punk image. After two weeks of shooting both in LA and New York, this was the image everyone finally agreed on.

Punk Rockers

Punk Rock Couple at the Hollywood Paladium – 1977

Picture taken at the same Paladium concert that I took the picture of Debby Harry of Blondie at. I used a Braun F900 Pro portable flash for this image, the Braun was both visually impressive and packed quite a wallop, which seemed pretty appropriate for this kind of image.

I worked out of Los Angeles in the 1970s as an assistant to established photographers and shooting head shots for young actors (mostly young actresses actually) and musicians. After spending about five years in Asia, in the late 70s and early 80s, I again returned to work in Los Angeles for ABC Entertainment, shooting advertising stills for sit-coms, soaps and comedy specials.

Tara Strohmeier

Tara Strohmeier – 1970s B Movie actress

Best known for her roles in Kentucky Fried Movie, Cover Girl Models, Van Nuys Blvd., and The Great Texas Dynamite Chase. This photo was taken at the top of the Hollywood Hills, near the Hollywood sign.





Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Special “I Can’t Take It No More” – ABC Entertainment – 1983

Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Special – “I Can’t Take It No More” – ABC Entertainment – 1983

On the ledge – with Rodney Dangerfield and Janice Dickinson during the Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Special “I Can’t Take It No More”. I returned to Hollywood for a few years in the early to mid 1980s, working primarily for ABC Entertainment as an Advertising Photographer for ABC Network backed productions.