Wat Umong – Chiang Mai

Wat Umong Suan Puthatham is an over 700 year old temple in the Doi Suthep foothills, that dates it’s history back to 1297. It was founded by King Mangrai of the Northern Thai Kingdom of Lan Na (kingdom of a million rice fields). There are approximately 15 acres of grounds with ponds and various domesticated and wild animals, which has earned it a reputation as a “forest temple”.

The ancient chedi structure has a fairly large network of tunnels under the chedi, some with cave like grottos that contain shrines and even overhead skylights. The walls of the tunnels were originally painted with bush scenes, supposed by King Mangrai to keep a beloved but deranged monk from wandering into the forest and getting lost. Interesting sculptures, a library, and other art work can be found throughout the temple grounds. Meditation classes are open to the public.


A garden of discarded statues from temples and shrines.

More images from Wat Umong.


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