The Touring Bike Project

The Touring Bike Project – Specialized Crosstrail Sports Disk Like most of us I started riding bicycles at about five or six years old. My first bicycle was a birthday present from my father, when we were still living in Oldenburg, Germany. I remember the bicycle being red, running into a stinging nettle bush when I […]

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Landscapes with People

Whether Urban or Rural my landscape photography often includes people. It actually took some time for me to realise that even with the presence of people, an image can still be a landscape. In most cases I don’t feel the image is complete until the presence of human life enters it. Some of my images could of course […]

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The Bicycling Photographer

Like most of us I started bicycling at about age four or five, but once I got my driver’s license, the bicycle was pretty much forgotten and the automobile became the primary method to get from point A to point B. It took more than 30 years before I started using a bicycle again, with […]

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