Kway Teow 3 Baht – Chiang Mai

Kway Teow 3 Baht is a restaurant in Thailand that has to provide a 10 cent US bowl of noodles to it’s customers because that is the name of the restaurant. Not only are their noodles very inexpensive, they are also very good, so the restaurant is extremely successful and well known among the residents of Chiang Mai.

Politicians, celebrities, businessmen, students, office workers, they all flock to Kway Teow 3 Baht every day and order up to ten bowls per person, because why not?

The restaurant is located just off Doi Saket Kao Road, next to Payap University. Ask any local and they will tell you where it is.

The restaurant from the road and inside.

The basic 3 Baht bowl of Beef noodles

Some special bowls of noodles. Bamee (yellow) noodles with minced pork – 10 Baht per bowl. Khao Soi noodles with chicken – 25 Baht.

Side dishes, mostly deep fried pork or fish cake.


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