Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is a popular resort town in Cambodia and the best possible base for exploring the Angkor temples of Cambodia. Angkor Wat, the most important temple and symbol of the nation, is located only 6 Km from the centre of town. Europeans started visiting the town in the mid 19th Century and according to […]

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Angkor Wat – Forgotten Eastern Gate

Thousands of tourists enter the Angkor Wat Temple grounds every day from the Western Gate. So it is very difficult to get a photo of it from that side without a large crowd of people in  the foreground. This gallery is of the Eastern Gate which is almost forgotten and gets a relatively small amount […]

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The Touring Bike Project

The Touring Bike Project – Specialized Crosstrail Sports Disk Like most of us I started riding bicycles at about five or six years old. My first bicycle was a birthday present from my father, when we were still living in Oldenburg, Germany. I remember the bicycle being red, running into a stinging nettle bush when I […]

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