Angkor Temples Photo Expeditions

Angkor Wat

Angkor Photo Expeditions for individuals & small groups.

We provide commercial photography, location scouting and photo expedition services in South East Asia. I am currently based out of South East Asia, but was previously based out of Los Angeles, California where I worked for the television, music, publishing and advertising industries. My photo expeditions normally originate in either Bangkok or Siem Reap, but I am willing to travel to any location in South East Asia.

If you wish to visit the Angkor Temples I would like to suggest scheduling a minimum one week stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia and using that as your base for exploring the Angkor temples. The Angkor area is much larger and the temples more spread out than it appears when looking at the maps.

I am currently documenting the Ancient Angkor Road (the network of roads built during the Khmer Empire), includes Khmer Temple Ruins in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It is possible to accompany me on one of these expeditions, which last a minimum of one week. Please contact me for more information.

For Private or Small Group Expeditions, please provide the following information, when asking for a quotation.

1. For how many days would you like to hire my services? (minimum 3 day services provided in the Siem Reap area, and minimum 7 days for remote location expeditions).

2. On what date would you like to start your expedition?

3. How many people are in your party and what level  (3 to 5 star) accommodation do you require?

My expedition services are designed to accommodate from 1 to 5 persons, photographers need space for their equipment so I try to leave a few empty seats. If you have a larger group we may need to hire additional vehicles.

4. Do you have any specific goals and/or locations in mind for your expedition?

If this is your first trip to the Angkor Temples site, you will want to see and photograph, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the Bayon (main temple in Angkor Thom), Ta Phrom (the jungle temple), and Banteay Srei (a pink sandstone temple with detailed carvings). There are many more locations available.

Private & Small Group Photo Expeditions:

An air conditioned tour van will be equipped with plenty of cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks so that we do not go hungry or have to rely on available food in the countryside. Restaurants in the countryside and in more remote temple areas can be fairly basic.

I will be accompanying you on all expeditions and will always carry a laptop computer for image downloads and reviews while on location. It is also recommended that you bring your own laptop.

What type of camera equipment you bring is completely up to you. If you are highly skilled photographer or a beginning enthusiast is not of any great importance. I will assist you in every way possible to get the images you are after. How much of your Expedition is spent on digital workflow is up to you. If you would like to maximize your digital workflow experience on this photo expedition, please bring your own laptop computer.Fees for Private Photo Expedition Services – Starting at US$ 500 per day, depending upon what level of service you need, where you want to travel, etc.

Please contact for more information.

Private Photo Expeditions in other locations:
Follow the instructions above but substitute another location and tell us where you would like to travel. If you are in need of my assistance in Bangkok, I have been traveling to Bangkok for over 30 years and know the city like the back of my hand, I also know the rest of Thailand (and all the border areas) better than almost anyone.

My base fee for Private Workshops only covers our personal photo tour services in the Siem Reap and Angkor areas. There may be additional charges in other locations.

My Photo Workshop & Expedition Philosophy:

Over the last 30 years I have traveled throughout Asia as a photographer for commercial clients, book and magazine publishers, international aid organizations, and just plain for the enjoyment of it. You could say I am a very lucky man because my work and my play has always been one and the same. Whenever people ask me where I went on my last vacation, I always have to grin and say that I have never taken a vacation, I do not understand the concept.

The journeys I have always enjoyed the most, were those taken with a group of fellow photographers, exploring the roads that normal tourists and even most veteran travelers never venture down. A key ingredient being that you have to have control of your method of transport. Another key ingredient being that you have to allow for chance and opportunity to decide your final destination.

In practice this means that we travel by road in a mini-van or SUV as much as possible, so that we can carry all our camera equipment and personal effects with us. It is also very difficult to tell an airplane, train or boat to park it for awhile, so we can take some pictures.

For much the same reason I also specialize in private workshops and expeditions for individuals and small groups of friends. My experience says that throwing a group of strangers together, almost inevitably leads to disagreements about alternate shooting locations, choice of restaurants and hotels, and time tables, etc..

Siem Reap, where the Angkor temples are located is in some ways an outcropping in the middle of the jungle, but it also has a fair number of five star hotels and restaurants. There is also a large selection of low to medium priced hotels, and guest houses ranging from a few dollars a night to luxurious (foreign managed) Bed & Breakfast type establishments.

Personally I like nothing better than sleeping on a smooth teak floor and scooping a few buckets of cold water over my head in the morning, but it takes some time to get used to that way of life. So please be realistic about the level of comfort you require.

Location Scouting & Base Photo Assignment Fee – Starting at US$ 500. per day (plus travel expenses), anywhere in Asia, images and reports can be transmitted to the client at the end of each day. This service is available for film and video production companies, and corporate clients for annual reports, real estate ventures, acquisitions, mergers, golf tournaments, etc.