Angkor Road | Photo Expedition

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Cambodia and Angkor Wat temples photography by George Mann

Angkor Road – Photography Expeditions and Workshops

Individual and Small Group Photography Workshops at Ancient Angkor Temple Sites in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

3 Country – 8 Day Angkor Road Expedition – Cambodia – Thailand – Laos

I am working on a long term photography project of the Angkor Empire, it’s temples, cities, waterworks and roadways, which spread throughout the modern day countries of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Although I have been working on this project for close to 10 years, I have not yet visited all the temple sites, cities, and remnants of the Ancient Angkor Road that are on my list. Since new temple sites and even entire cities are still being discovered, I will probably continue to work on this project for many years to come.

Like most photographers my goal is to produce exhibitions and books, that will leave a lasting record of my work. And like most photographers I now find myself looking for alternative sources of revenue to support my long term projects. Book publishers are no longer interested in financing the production of the material that goes into a “travel photography” book and even reluctant to cover the printing costs, once the photographer has produced the content.

Therefore like many other photographers, I am now offering photography expeditions and workshops, to finance my long term photography projects.

I am currently working out of Siem Reap, Cambodia, so it makes sense for me to offer my expeditions & workshops in this area, but I am willing to travel to any location that is more convenient for my clients, as long as all my travel related expenses are covered, in addition to my workshop & expedition fees.

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