Travel Photo Guide – Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand

Chedi of Wat Phan On

Travel Photo Guide – Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand Author: George Frederick Lienemann – aka George Mann Photo eBook (ePub) project on photographing the city of Chiang Mai and the North of Thailand. What to photograph and how to get the most out of a 3-day, one-week, or one-month trip. The 1st Edition (Version 1.00) … [Read more…]

The Touring Bike Project

Ping River- CM Lamphun Rd.

The Touring Bike Project – Specialized Crosstrail Sports Disk Like most of us I started riding bicycles at about five or six years old. My first bicycle was a birthday present from my father, when we were still living in Oldenburg, Germany. I remember the bicycle being red, running into a stinging nettle bush when I … [Read more…]

Angkor Wat & Cambodia Photo Expeditions

Angkor Wat

Angkor Photo Expeditions for individuals & small groups. Contact George Mann for more information – I provide commercial photography, location scouting and photo expedition services in South East Asia. I am currently based out of South East Asia, but was previously based out of Los Angeles, California where I worked for the television, music, publishing and advertising industries. My … [Read more…]

Hariharalaya Retreat


Hariharalaya retreats are are based on Integral Yoga and Meditation, Community, Creativity, Connection with Nature and Delicious Vegan Food. The Hariharalaya Eco Yoga Village is located on over 2 acres of Jungle Gardens, built with natural and traditional Cambodian materials, and hidden in the shade of the Ancient Temples of Angkor. Hariharalaya Retreats – Joel Altman – … [Read more…]

Chiang Rai – Old Airport


The Old Airport (Sanam Bin Kao) – located in the centre of the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Rai is now used by the city residents as a recreational park and venue for special events. Every evening hundreds of locals come out to do Aerobic exercise, run, walk, bicycle, play Takraw and just hang out … [Read more…]

Chiang Rai, Thailand

CR Clock Tower - 0104

Chiang Rai, the quieter neighbour of Chiang Mai, often goes unnoticed on the tourist trail but has plenty to offer in its night bazaars, unique temples and vibrant nightlife. The Tourist Authority of Thailand describes Chiang Rai as being “the quieter neighbour of Chiang Mai” and like the typical quiet neighbour it often goes unnoticed, … [Read more…]

Songkran – Thai New Year

Chiang Mai - Songkran Parade - 1060

Anyone who has ever been to Thailand in the month of April, will never forget the Thai New Years celebrations. Celebrated on slightly different days and in different ways around the country, it lasts for about a week around the 12th to 15th of April. There are many celebrations in temples, public parks and on public roads. … [Read more…]

Landscapes with People

Hariphunchai - 2356

Whether Urban or Rural my landscape photography often includes people. It actually took some time for me to realise that even with the presence of people, an image can still be a landscape. In most cases I don’t feel the image is complete until the presence of human life enters it. Some of my images could of course … [Read more…]